Virtual Assistant Jobs and How to Start a Business in the VA Industry



The demand for good, reliable, professional freelancers is on the rise as businesses all over the world realize the benefits these can offer in terms of both cost-effectiveness and flexibility. And amidst this rising trend in freelancer job opportunities a new job description has arisen: the virtual assistant. A VA (short for virtual assistant) is a personal assistant that works remotely (from home), providing multiple companies with their specialized skills and services.

The personal assistant of the future, a VA can accomplish almost any job a PA can – except bringing you your morning coffee – thanks to the internet and the plethora of software available to them. The competition, however, is incredibly fierce. There are so many people offering their skills and experience that would-be VAs at the start of their careers can find it very difficult to find clients. The key, it appears, is to target a very specific niche, one that fits perfectly with your particular skill set.

If you too are looking to start working as a freelance VA, the first thing on your list should be to read books and articles written by people who went through the same experience, and then to try and find what kind of companies and businesses are in need of your specific talents. Look for start-up companies, small businesses, people who need certain skills, but cannot afford to pay full-time employees to do them. For example, websites such as offer their clients VAs that specialize in real estate and nothing else.

But more importantly, you should be prepared for a long road to your first real paycheck. At the beginning it will be very difficult to make yourself known to your potential clients, and you could go weeks if not months without a solid job. And even after you gain a foothold in the industry, your workflow will still vary greatly, and thus so will your income. Once you make it, though, you will be glad that you have more time to spend with your family and loved ones, instead of wasting it commuting to and from work.